We envisage a generation of truly empowered individuals who have a high level of self-understanding and self-awareness, are able to empathize with and understand others, and who exhibit strong leadership qualities. A generation that has respect for others’ reality and can interact and communicate in a healthy, effective way. With a strong self-belief, this generation will contribute positively to society and create a world where they have the ability to balance technology with personal interaction, building healthy relationships not only with others, but also with themselves. Our belief is governed around the principle that you have all the resources you need to achieve all you’ve ever dreamed of and more if you know how to use them most effectively.


We are an organisation that is passionate and committed to empowering young adults. Through our specially designed workshops, we provide young adults with the tools and techniques to adapt their thinking, modify their behaviour, and best utilize their internal resources, allowing them to achieve their outcomes easily and effortlessly.

By understanding themselves and others, they learn to embrace diversity and respect each individual’s uniqueness. Focusing on self-awareness and self-management, we aim to develop young individual’s emotion agility, which is instrumental when it comes to effective communication, building rapport, constructing healthy relationships, and developing strong self-belief. These are all necessary to be able to create the future they desire.

Our goal is to develop MindLeaders who will lead by example and bring about positive change to themselves and their generation. We are passionate about equipping the youth of today with the skills that will give them the edge, foster effective communication, and path the way to success.


In this increasingly confusing, complex and competitive world, young adults need, more than ever, the skills and resources to create the life that they want. Our cutting-edge workshops contribute towards positively shaping the space between stimulus and response. We illuminate how individuals can take ownership of the internal processes that govern the way they respond to the world around them. Our workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive. Participants will learn through multiple channels, as we are mindful of the many ways in which people enjoy learning.

Our workshops are geared towards the following formats:

• Workshops for groups of individuals from different schools
• Initiatives through schools for particular grades
• Leadership or other programs run by schools, off-campus (e.g. in a camp environment)
• 3-day MindLeaders Leadership Camps

MindLeaders plan to have Global reach by 2018. Utilising technology to establish continuity, we are developing a mobile app and an exciting, challenging game which will enhance and embed the skills. A variety of E books will be available by December 2016


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